Incradible is a unique office furnishing concept created for tomorrow’s users.

The next generation working environment provides more flexibility and openness with a focus on task-oriented working, interaction with others, and inspiration. There should be a balance among form, function and atmosphere.

Incradible was developed as based on the awareness that raw materials are not unlimited and that energy will cost even more in the future. This rationale has resulted in a furnishing concept that requires less material, saves space, and prompts a different kind of energy consumption.

All the materials used in their construction are completely recyclable, easy to separate, and, in most cases, reusable.

By choosing to lease these furnishings, customers are assured in advance of their return and recycling or reuse.

Another unique aspect of this concept is that it partially or entirely eliminates the need for other furnishing elements such as partitions, modular ceilings, cable ducts, cable pots, and sometimes even lighting systems. This aspect will have an even greater impact on costs and the use of raw materials than the impact of the concept alone.

Incradible develops its products with the user uppermost in mind. Rounded corners, soft materials, soundproofing, complete adjustability, a range of finishings, and, lastly, attention to personal privacy are what set this concept apart. A work environment designed entirely for tomorrow’s users is now available – thanks to Incradible.